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Easy Vegetable Ramen with Carrots and Leeks

Looking for a delicious vegetarian dinner that can be made in 30 minutes or less? This easy vegetable ramen is the perfect thing!

Kadai Mushroom Masala

Kadai Mushroom Masala with this spicy and tangy gravy is extremely flavorful and delicious with aromatic spices, Bell peppers and buttery...

Dal Curry/ Dal Fry

Dal curry/ Dal Fry is quite simple to prepare and provides the perfect nutrition with proteins, energy and also helps in easy digestion.

Malai Paneer

Malai Paneerâ¦from the times when dairy was not a bad word!

Honey Chilli Lotus Stems

Thinly sliced lotus stems fried and coated with sauces for a sweet & spicy delicacy that tickles ...

Kerala Special Ginger Curry

Kerala Special Ginger Curry is an enhanced version of the traditional Kerala Inji Curry or Ginger Pickle served during Sadhyas.

Bread Dahi Vada

Bread dahi vada is a quick, easy, yummy & instant version of the original dahl vadas.

Harissa Falafel with Roasted Veg

This harissa falafel recipe is spiced with rose harissa & aleppo chilli flakes. Serve with roasted vegetables & cucumber yoghurt.

Ladiesâ Finger Masala

Ladiesâ Finger Masala is a delicious and nutritious Vegetable dish for Rotis and Phulkas.

Leek, Apple, Stilton & Walnut Quiche [vegetarian]

Leek, Apple, Stilton & Walnut Quiche [vegetarian]

Sweet Potato Sheet Pan Tacos

Sweet Potato Sheet Pan Tacos are the perfect vegetarian weeknight dinner for families.

Spinach Crepes with Pan-Roasted Vegetables

Ginger & spinach crepes are topped with mushrooms, tomatoes, pepper & onion. Great dish for brunch, lunch or light dinner!

Low-Carb Cauliflower Bites

Looking for a gluten-free and low-carb snack, side dish or appetizer? What about this ultra-flavorful Low-Carb Cauliflower Bites made wit...

Low Carb Zucchini Lasagna Skillet

This cheesy and saucy Low Carb Zucchini Lasagna Skillet is one-pan meal that has a delicious sauté mushroom filling, which b...

Kaiserschmarrn -  Also known as Emperorâs Cake - Because it rules!

Delicious Kaiserschmarrn. Also known as Emperorâs Cake. Because it rules!

Veggie Quinoa Bowls with Chickpeas & Pine Nuts

These protein-packed veggie quinoa bowls will keep you full for hours. Look no further for a super healthy vegetarian dinner!

Rigatoni Cauliflower Bake [vegetarian]

Rigatoni Cauliflower Bake [vegetarian]

Best Train Food Service

Feeling Hungry @ your train seat but did not want to take the boring food which is offered by Railway Pantry Car, then visit travelerfood...

Garlic Smashed Cauliflower

Yummy garlic smashed cauliflower.

Baked Vegetable Manchurian

Baked vegetable Manchurian is traditionally deep fried.