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Cauliflower Caprese Skillet

This cauliflower caprese skillet has all the flavors of the classic caprese, amped up!

Bacon Egg Stuffed Sweet Potato

This delicious sweet & salty Bacon Egg Stuffed Sweet Potato is the perfect Paleo way to start your day. Easy, cheap and healthy!

Whole30 Orange Chicken

SO much better and healthier than takeout - made with no nasties! A quick and easy, whole30 compliant dinner that the whole family will l...

Paleo Cranberry Walnut Bars

Paleo Cranberry Walnut Bars are maple infused treats with a soft texture and sweet, tart, cranberry flavor. Gluten-free, no refined sugar.

Paleo Gingerbread Granola

Paleo Gingerbread Granola - just nuts, seeds & natural sweeteners with a wintertime twist perfect for the holidays!

Paleo Chocolate Coffee Hazelnut Ginger Snaps

The classic Christmas cookie gets a gluten/grain/refined sugar free makeover! These are even better than Grandma's!

Paleo Superfood Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

A SUPER simple, healthy Thanksgiving side dish that\'s salty-sweet, packed with superfoods...and bacon. Need I say more?

Paleo Pecan Pie Cookies

2 desserts in one healthy & gluten/grain/dairy free cookie! The ultimate, easy dessert for Thanksgiving...if you can wait that long.

Vegan & Paleo Cauliflower Alfredo Scalloped Sweet Potatoes

SO creamy, you\'ll never know that they\'re dairy free, under 200 calories, loaded with hidden veggies, & whole30 compliant!

Paleo Thai Crock Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

A Thai twist on the classic with butternut squash noodles. Gluten free, under 300 calories & 3 SmartPoints! Low carb option included!

Paleo Banana Bread Cake

This paleo banana bread cake with decadent chocolate almond ganache just happens to be vegan too.

Whole30 Moroccan Roasted Acorn Squash Soup

An easy soup that uses a secret ingredient to give it spicy-sweetness! Gluten/grain/dairy/sugar free and only 200 calories! Paleo & V...

Single Serve Paleo Blueberry Lemon Protein Waffles -

Ready in 10 minutes, so light and fluffy and gluten/grain/refined sugar free! These pack a whopping 25g of protein!

Vanilla Butternut Squash Biscuits

Vanilla Butternut Squash Biscuits - full of vanilla flavor with a crispy, flaky outside & soft, buttery inside. Even better, they&aci...

Paleo & Vegan Pumpkin Spice Magic Cookie Bars

A healthier, gluten/grain/dairy free version of the classic that are packed with spicy-sweet fall flavors, pumpkin & are so easy to m...

6 Ingredient Paleo Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Only 70 CALORIES! Gluten/grain/dairy/refined-sugar free & made in 1 bowl. These spicy-sweet cookies are your new favorite healthy pum...

Cricket Powder Protein Bites

Cricket Powder Protein Bites

Caramel Stuffed Paleo Banana Bread Muffins

You will NEVER know these are only 210 calories and grain/gluten free! They’re a healthy, portable breakfast or snack with a surp...

Coconut Flour Microwave Mug Cake

Coconut Flour Microwave Mug Cake - A truly delicious single serving yummy dessert that you can easily make with a microwave!

Maple Glazed Roasted Chicken Wings

This Super EASY Maple Glazed Baked Chicken Wings are such crowd pleasers! Sticky, sweet, and a little spicy!