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About Us

Here at Food Foto Gallery, we love food and food photos. This sincere love of food and photography is what led to the creation of this site. My goal is to create a simple site where anyone can register and submit their own photos to share with others. That's it.

This site is very basic and nowhere near what the big food porn-type sites can offer but it is a little different in the respect that every photo gets posted and goes up in real time. Obviously, anything deemed inappropriate can and will be taken down. As the site grows and new functionality is added, this may change, but for now we're on the honor system.

Submission guidelines are very simple:

* Please submit only your own photos.
* All photos get posted to the site in real-time so please submit good quality photos.
* All photos do get reviewed and low-quality, inappropriate or non food-related entries will be taken down.
* Images should be at least 250 pixels in height & width.
* Please do NOT submit images with text as it can be distracting and detract from the beauty of the image.
* Only submit photos one time as duplicates are not being accepted at this time.
* Photos & links to overtly commercial endeavors will not be accepted.
* Title should be limited to 33 characters (If you wish for the text to fully display on the home page).
* Description should be limited to 135 characters (If you wish for the text to fully display on the home page).
* Please refrain from using any characters in your title or description other than traditional alpha/numeric characters. Our current program can make gibberish out of quotes, apostrophes, hyphens, etc. This is a known issue that we are working to resolve.
You will retain all rights to your photos but you do grant us permission to display and promote images on our site(s), social media, advertising, marketing etc. 
* We reserve the right to reject or edit any submissions to our site. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions, comments or questions.


Food Foto Gallery